St. Paul’s Loon Lake
Protocol for Resuming Onsite Worship

St. Paul’s Loon Lake is committed to providing a safe and healthy place to worship. To ensure we have a safe and healthy place to worship we invite all worshippers to observe the following guidelines:


• Enter the church through the side door clearly marked as ENTRANCE. Upon exiting please use the main doors facing highway 4, clearly marked as EXIT. If the ramp is needed for exiting, the door designated ENTRANCE may be used.

• During this time we ask that socializing be done outside, in the foyer, or down in the fellowship room. Once seated in the sanctuary please refrain from approaching others already seated in respect to those who wish to keep interacting with others to a minimum.

• Ushers will seat all attendees. Please wait to be seated.

• Family members, members of the same household, and people regularly interacting with one another outside of church are welcome to be seated together. We ask that all others remain six (6) feet apart in the sanctuary.

• Please refrain from hugging, shaking hands, or touching others unless you know for sure the other person is okay with it.

Personal Practices

• St. Paul’s Loon Lake requests, if your able, to self-check your temperature before coming to church. If you have a fever or are filling ill in any way please refrain from coming to church and interacting with others.

• Use hand sanitizer (located at entrance, pews, and throughout) or wash hands often.
• Facemasks are not mandatory, but are available for those who wish to wear one. If you have your own please bring it. If you take a cloth mask from church please reuse it.

• Monitor your children and keep them close to you.

• Maintain six feet apart as often as you can, especially from those you may not know.
• Meeting rooms and other utilized spaces shall be cleaned by the participants when done.

Other Changes

• Offering plates will not be passed around during service. They will be in the foyer.

• Hymnals and Bibles will currently not be provided.

Disclaimer: While opinions surrounding COVID-19 vary greatly, present health guidance continues to advise there is still concern over transmission, and precautions need to be taken. We direct all individuals to understand that by visiting our church for onsite worship there is assumed risk for contracting COVID-19.