Pastor Del Stohs


Pastor Stohs and wife Bonnie are very involved in the ministry of Jesus. 

Hailing originally from Kansas, Pastor knows the meaning of hard work, dedication, and love.

Pastor went to Concordia Teacher's College and was called to be principal in Ottertail, MN, at St. John's Lutheran School. From there he went to Grace Lutheran in Fargo, ND, where he taught 5th & 6th grade and was also their youth director. It is at Grace that he met his wife Bonnie. 

Pastor went through the DELTO Program through the St. Louis Seminary which led to him being an ordained Pastor. 

Through this time he worked at home with a mentor pastor and was a Vicar at St. Paul's/St. John's under Pastor Wolters. 

Throughout his 30 plus years of experience teaching and his 14 years of being a Pastor, he has many experiences to help strengthen the ministry at St. Paul's.